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13:36Uplift your Spirit (Change any Negative Emotion to a Positive one)

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Do you have any negative situation in your life that you want to change?
Do you have any negative emotions at all that you want to never feel them again?
Do you have any anxiety frustrations stress, shame or guilt?
Or do you feel anything unfair, rejection, abandonment, or betrayal?
This session is special created to help you change and release any negative or uncomfortable emotion into a positive one.
This session is such an incredible tool that you can literally practice it anytime you feel any negative emotions.
If you have any negative emotions, painful memories, maybe a person that you feel anything negative for, this is the best session to release and integrate any negative emotions or experience.
If you understand how important is this tool to be able to eliminate any negative emotions at will on the go fast and easy you will achieve what I call, the EMOTIONAL FREEDOM. And than you will live a different experience on earth without suffering of any kind.
When something negative comes up or even a tragedy happens to you, do this session to change and integrate any emotions or uncomfortable experiences you may encounter. You deserve to be free.
In Subconscious Upgrade you will go into a very deep state of hypnosis and be able to release and heal any kind on negative emotions and reprogram your beliefs.
Make sure you practice every session in a safe place where you will not be disturbed for few minutes.
This session is from Trigger and Release series. Make sure you want him this short video to understand more about this series:
You can practice this session as long as you feel is necessary.
Experience it now!